Superzoom Cameras

Superzoom cameras let you zoom in far without compromising on quality. A fantastic, all-in-one point and shoot option, a Canon superzoom will excel during landscape, wildlife and sports photography with creative results.

Discover our range of Canon superzoom cameras, which includes the Canon PowerShot Monocular Camera Kit in black and white.

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Superzoom cameras are designed to offer superb clarity and crisp imagery when zoomed in far, however they don’t compromise on quality either.

A range of advanced tech and user-friendly features makes superzoom cameras a great step up from your smartphone. Easy to connect to Wi-Fi, coming with full HD and kitted out with image stabilisation means that they offer a range of premium features.

TA Canon superzoom lets you experience super-sharp, zoomed in imagery, all available with a fixed-lens camera that’s small enough to fit into an overpacked bag.