Instant Photo Cameras

Make photography fast, fun and simple with an instant photo camera. A pocket-sized solution for photography on the go, instant cameras let you take photos and use instant print technology to capture and print from the same device.

Discover our range of Canon instant cameras, which includes the Zoemini S2, the next generation instant picture camera.

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Snap selfies and have endless fun with an instant photo camera. An instant camera can capture images, personalise and print all on the same device. Our instant cameras come with ink-free Zink technology which prints onto smudge-proof paper.

Our next generation instant photo camera the pocket-sized Zoemini 2, lets you snap and share selfies on-the-go, while Bluetooth, effect and filter editing, and a Micro SD card-slot offer extra functionality.

Experiment and have fun with your Zoemini by trying our Canon ZINK™ Circular Stickers for circular prints or create shareable prints with our Canon ZINK™ Photo Paper.