Print colourful photos and bold documents with genuine Canon paper. Designed to deliver the highest quality, from standard A4 paper to photo gallery gloss, we offer a variety of sizes and finishes for both professional and personal use.

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Canon paper is compatible with a wide variety our printers and copiers. Our Yellow Label A4 paper is suitable for all machine types, from inkjet to laser, copiers and faxes, you can use this recyclable, biodegradable paper every day. For busy offices, try our recycled White Zero paper. It works seamlessly in all mono and colour copiers, as well as laser printers, for an environmentally-friendly solution.

* Excluded products: Canon XS-20L Ink/Paper Set - 20 Prints, Canon ZINK™ 2"x3" Photo Paper x50 sheets, Canon ZINK™ 2"x3" Photo Paper x20 sheets, Canon RP-108 Ink/Paper Set Postcard Size - 108 Prints, Canon KC-18IF Ink/Paper Set Credit Card Size - 18 Stickers, Canon KP-36IP Ink/Paper Set Postcard Size - 36 Prints, Canon KC-18IL Ink/Paper Set Mini Stickers - 18 Sheets, Canon KC-36IP Ink/Paper Set Credit Card Size - 36 Prints, Canon KC-18IS Ink/Paper Set Credit Card Size - 18 Square Stickers