Tilt-Shift Lenses

Tilt shift lenses shift the plane of focus and alter depth of field of your image, creating the illusion that the image you took appears to be from a different vantage point to your camera.

Discover our full Canon tilt shift lenses range, which offers unlimited creative potential across many genres including architecture and landscapes.

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Tilt shift lenses have two different controls - a tilt control knob and a shift control knob. Tilt shift lenses work as each knob performs a different function, with the tilt allowing you to tilt the focal plane, while the shift lets you shift the frame from your shot.

The result is a tilt and shift lens that can focus on two different subjects that are differing distances away, while also creating the illusion that you took the shot in a different location to your camera.

Discover your perfect Canon tilt shift lenses, for creative, fun, experimental and professional photography.